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I was interested in photography since I studied arts in the university. I usually like the art works displayed through the photos and arts that communicated by photos. I started full time job as a photographer after fresh graduated. I have got jobs for many style of photography; like in the events, wedding ceremonies, portrait, places, products and food.

After 10 year experiences in photography, I found that the most favorite style of my career is food photography. That is because food is a kind of art that consists of many art cultures; such as food decoration, delicious taste. I also believe that the food deserved to be presented in beautiful pictures to make it more attractive. Therefore, I collected and formed the team of professional artists, elements arrangements, lighting, and processing to create food photographer service to make beautiful photos, have dimension and attractive for customers in your restaurant. 

According to my experiences with many restaurant brands, you can trust that for your food taste that represent your brand.


However, for beautiful picture and attraction to make the food more attractive is our specialized duty.

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